Percentage Change Calculator

Percentage Change Calculator helps you to find the percentage change (increase or decrease) between two numbers.


About Percentage Change Calculator

  • Mr. John started working as a software developer with a salary of $7000 and after a year salary is increased to $9000. Can you figure out how many percent of salary increment Mr. John got?
  • The stock rate of a company collapsed from $67.93 to $58.91 within a few weeks. Find out the decrement of the rate in percentage.

Problems like these can easily be solved using our Percentage Change Calculator. Also, in this article, we will see how you can do it. In addition, we will learn about the mathematical approach behind the calculation.

Percentage Change Calculator

This amazing tool will help you to determine the change between two values in the terms of percentage. You just need to provide the starting and final value. After that, it will use its algorithm to calculate the result. In addition, it gives you the difference between two given values with calculation steps.

Calculating percentage change is a common task in the field of research, science, mathematics, technology, finance, statistics, and even in daily applications. So, it's a very useful tool for all types of users. There are some more financial calculators that you should try such as VAT Calculator UK and Australian GST Calculator.

What is Percentage Change?

In layman's terms, it is the percent increase or decrease measured between two values. For example, if the final value increases X% from the starting value, we can say there is an X% change. Similarly, if the final value decreases Y% from the initial value, we can say there is a -Y% change. The positive change denotes an increase and the negative change denotes a decrease.

Percentage Change Formula

To find the percentage change, firstly, find the difference between the final and starting value and then divide it by the mod of starting value. After that multiply the so obtained figure by 100 to get the percentage change.

The mathematical formula for calculating percentage change is as follows:

Percent Change =  
X2 - X1
  ×  100

X1 = Starting value
X2 = Final value

The percentage change calculator yields result using the above formula.

How to Calculate Percentage Change?

Let's take some examples where we will try to demonstrate the usage of the percentage change formula discussed and calculate the percentage change.

However, the online percentage change calculator is the most accurate and fast way to calculate the percentage change. But here we will know how the mathematical calculation works behind it.

Example 1:

In a company, the freshers are getting paid $9500 and after their training period gets over they will get $12000. Calculate the percentage change in their salary.


Starting salary (X1) = $9500
Final salary (X2) = $12000

Now, place the above values in the percentage change formula.

Percent Change =  
X2 - X1
  ×  100
12000 - 9500
  ×  100   =  26.31%

Therefore, there is an approximate 26% increment in the salary after training.

Example 2:

A product costs $45 and you have claimed a flat discount of $10. Calculate how much percent you saved?


Starting price (X1) = $45
Final price (X2) = $45 - $10 = $35

Percent Change =  
X2 - X1
  ×  100
35 - 45
  ×  100   =  -22.22%

Therefore, there is an approximate 22% decrease in the price. Hence, you saved 22% from the original price.

Features of Percentage Change Calculator

The percentage change calculator is a very useful tool that makes your work easier and faster. Here we have listed down the important features of the calculator.

  • Super-fast output: It gives results in less than a second. Just enter the inputs and you're set to go.
  • 0% downtime: Use this tool anytime anywhere without any worries. We guaranteed 0% downtime.
  • Compatibility: Our tool is fully functional and responsive on desktops, tablets, laptops, and mobile devices.
  • Free of cost: We don't charge any type of fee for using our tool. Neither we are going to introduce any sort of rental or usage price. It's absolutely free for a lifetime.
  • Accurate result: You can completely rely on the computation result of the tool. It generates 100% correct results.

How to use Percentage Change Calculator?

Follow the below steps in order to calculate the percent change.

  1. Firstly, open the percentage change calculator in any web browser. Such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.
  2. After opening it you will see two input boxes labeled with Starting value and Final value. Enter the values accordingly. Recheck the values once to avoid any mistakes.
  3. Lastly, click the "Calculate" button.
  4. The final result will be displayed below. It shows the increase or decrease(in %), difference, and calculation steps.
  5. For new calculations, just click the "Reset" button.


No, percentage difference and percentage change are two different concepts. The percentage difference is calculated by calculating the difference between two averages. Whereas Percentage change is mainly the increment or decrement between two numbers in terms of percent(%).

Firstly, we need to have an initial value in order to calculate the change. Then we can tweak the percentage change formula to calculate the final value after 20% change.

Now let's take an example to understand in detail.

Suppose we have,
Starting value = 100 and,
Percentage change = 20%.

(%) Change =  
X2 - X1
  ×  100

Let's put the known values into the equation.

20% =  
X2 - 100
  ×  100

X2 = 20 + 100

Therefore, X2 = 120

Also, you can use the following formula to directly calculate the final value. Just place the starting value in the equation and find out the final value.

Final Value(X2) =  
6 × 100

= 120

Whether you want to calculate percentage increase or decrease the process remains the same.

Put the initial value and final value into the formula and solve it. Remember that, the percentage change will come in negative. For more understanding refer to the second example in the how to calculate section.

In our calculator just enter the values in the correct order and press the "Calculate" button. When computing for decrease, the Starting value will be greater than the Final Value.

There is no limit on the input values. You can input any big or small value as you want.